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About Us

P.S. Body Care, based in New Haven, Connecticut, is a new business with spirit to grow! We create simple, natural soaps and body care products using only quality ingredients. P.S. Body Care’s soap line is better for the skin than commercial lines. Commercial soaps contain tallow. Tallow is an animal fat known to irritate the skin. Our handmade soaps contain vegetable oils which are more readily absorbed by the skin. Commercial grade soaps remove glycerin from their soaps and market it separately. Glycerin is another wonderful moisturizing agent that naturally incorporates itself into the soap reaction! That is why natural soaps are so kind to the skin and the spirit!

P.S. Body Care prides itself as a socially conscious and environmentally responsible small business. We always use organic/wild crafted herbs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of our soaps instead of wax colorants. P.S. Body Cares refrains from using a lot of plastic in its packaging and strives to reuse, recycle and take thought in what a product line may create as waste.

P.S. Body Care is apart of a growing awareness of nature and ourselves. We take pride in the products we make and at the same time we believe in taking care of the environment.

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